Thursday, 19 April 2012

More Beds Birds

Our weekend plans were stymied by our car breaking down on Friday so instead of going to Norfolk to see what was about we decided to stay 'local'.
First stop Blows Down paddocks - after watching and photographing a very vocal Chiffchaff we were lucky enough to meet Rob D on his 'rounds' who kindly pointed us in the direction of the male Ring Ouzel which had been seen there. It was not on view at first but a good scan round the paddocks soon picked up on a female Wheatear by the fence-line. A short time later the Ring Ouzel appeared on the ground near the shelter.

Broom was our next stop, unfortunately with fewer birds than we had hoped. A single Common Tern being the most notable.
After lunch and a 'warm-up' at Danish Camp we set off to see what was about ...... Chiffchaffs, Willow Warblers and Green Woodpeckers calling but surprisingly few birds on the river. A few Canada Geese and Mallard on the fishing lake. Looking over the scrapes we saw a Snipe flying in and then spotted Little Ringed Plover crouching in the vegetation and at least two Ringed Plover scuttling along the edges. As we scanned the ploughed field and grassland either side of the path Gen spotted a male Wheatear. We all stopped to take photos and it was then we noticed a second Wheatear.
Wheatear at Willington

Alas no sign of any Wagtails - neither Pied or Yellow.
Our last stop was at MVCP to pay a visit to the Slavonian Grebe and see if there were any different Warblers about. Blackcaps, Chiffys and Willow Warblers but nothing else calling.
Chiffchaff at MVCP

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